The Project

G7 Music Group has been a world leader in the production of for years Basi Orchestrali of the international operatic repertoire: traditional arias, romances and songs published in different types of series: CANTOLOPERA e SOLOIST IN CONCERT


All the titles you are looking for for Soprano, Mezzosoprano, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Chorus and Duets, both in the Cantata version, as an example and guide, and in the Base Orchestrale (Karaoke), for study and practice.

The practicality of versions Orchestrali leaves the world of Karaoke and transforms with CANTOLOPERA into an instrument of great added value at the service of Opera and beyond. From education to the world of Theater and Television, from Public Performances to Entertainment, from CD/DVD and Social Licenses to Synchronization for Advertising, and much more.

CANTOLOPERA is a unique repertoire:
CANTOLOPERA offers an irreplaceable digital tool:
CANTOLOGERA offers a unique repertoire for professional licenses and synchronizations, for television, advertising, film and productions in general:

CANTOLOPERA brings everyone closer to the world of Opera, to get to know it, study it, perform it and use it. A high quality product, an exclusive repertoire in continuous development. All the magic of the classics on your devices and for all your purposes. The power of tradition in one innovative tool. 

SOLOIST IN CONCERT  offers a series dedicated to great repertoire of instrumental soloism, through the production of the most famous Concertos for Solo Instrument and Orchestra, with the same concept of CANTOLOPERA.

The SOLOIST IN CONCERT catalog is currently aimed at pianists, violinists and clarinetists that they will have at their disposal both the “Run” versions, as an example and guide, and the same only in the "Orchestra Base" for study and practice.

Discover the digital catalog of our Orchestral Bases, directly in the SHOP and practices licensing solutions for professionals and amateurs.