4 February 2017
2 March 2017


Imagine having an empty box into a rich virtual store, well organized. On every shelf you can find a vast repertoire of Opera backing tracks, all divided by vocal cord. If you are a tenor you’ll set out to space used and once consulted and preview individual tracks you can start to compose as you wish your personal purchase Box. If you are a tenor you’ll set towards the area used and once consulted and preview individual tracks you can start to compose as you wish your personal Box.

Easy? Certainly, but also very affordable. By offering differentiated Cantolopera, after choosing the necessary opera backing tracks, you can choose from 5 licensing solutions, each designed for different needs. If you are engaged in the preparation of a live will be able to choose as the ideal solution Basic Live package, which allows you to have a license to use not only for the Study & Practice, but also for live public performance. If you face an audition in a theater the best choice is definitely the Basic Box, which allows you to practice, to perform with for your audition, but also to record a demo for private use, in order to listen to correct your performance. If you want to share with your audience the final result of your work by marketing a physical product, the right choice for you will be the Pro Box. Today need to be aware of a great promotional opportunity represented by the web, so in addition to the realization of the physical product can be very important to share your recordings online.

For this reason born Premium Box, which adds to the offer of Pro Box Package, the license sharing on social platforms and Youtube. If you want it all in one simple solution the best choice can only be the Premium Live license, which encloses all the possibilities previously proposed in a single box. From the study, the auditions, the marketing of the physical product, the web promotion up to the live performance. Every single box has proposed three different cost-effective solutions (5 tracks, 10 tracks, 15 tracks), allowing you to enjoy a discount compared to buying individual tracks. Try now and find what is the best solution for your requirements.28


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