Communicating through Tradition means knowing where we come from.
Innovating through Art means knowing where we will go.

G7 MUSIC since many years is world leader in the production of Orchestral Backing Tracks of the international operatic repertoire: Arias, Romances and Classics published in different types of products: CANTOLOPERA and SOLOIST IN CONCERT.

All titles you are looking for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Chorus and Duetts, you find them in both Full version, as example and guide and the same in the Orchestral Backing (Karaoke) version, for studying and practicing.
The practicality of the Orchestral versions comes from the karaoke world and it turns, with CANTOLOPERA, in a high value-added tool at the service of the Opera and beyond. From the education to the world of Theater and Television, from Public Performances to Entertainment, from CD/DVD and Socials Licensing, to Synchronization for Advertising, and much more.

CANTOLOPERA is a unique repertoire:

  • Over 700 titles among Opera Arias, Sacred Arias and Rarities; Romances, Art Songs, Evergreens and Neapolitan Songs
  • All performed by a Great Orchestra: “Compagnia d’Opera Italiana”
  • Conducted by an esteemed Conductor: "Antonello Gotta"
  • Realized in the “Full” version, with the voice of professional Opera Singers
  • Recorded for the first time in the “Orchestral Backing” version, without voices

CANTOLOPERA offers an irreplaceable digital tool:

  • A Support of incomparable value as an alternative to MIDI or to Vocal Scores fo everyone: vocal Coaches, Students, Professionals Singers and Opera Lovers
  • A Great Orchestra up to 200 elements among Musicians and Chorus just with a click; but above all at very affordable costs
  • A tool of exceptional artistic and technical quality, to save on video and audio supports our own interpretations and live performances.
  • The possibility to listen everywhere in STREAMING with a subscription, all the Orchestral Backing Tracks of our repertoire by the chosen vocal type

CANTOLOPERA offers a unique repertoire for licensing and professional synchronizations, television, advertising, film and productions in general:

  • All our repertoire without the voice of the singer or with the melody played by an instrument, to create unique soundtracks, commercials, musical arrangements or remix
  • Most of the repertoire is “public domain”, therefore free of license fees related to the Publishing
  • A digital collection available in any user-desired format
  • The power of an evergreen historical repertoire, a founding part of the Italian culture in the world, available in Full and Orchestral Backing version

CANTOLOPERA approaches everyone to the world of Opera, to know it, to study, to performe and to use it. A High Quality product, an exclusive repertoire in constant development. All the magic of the classics on your devices and for all your goals. The power of tradition in only one innovative tool.

SOLOIST IN CONCERT proposes a series dedicated to the great instrumental soloism repertoire, trough the realization of the most famous Concerts for Soloist Instrument and Orchestra, with the same concept as CANTOLOPERA.
SOLOIST IN CONCERT catalogue for now is addressed to Pianists, Violinists and Clarinettists that have available both the “Performed” version of the track, as example and guide, as well as the “Orchestral Backing” version of the same track for the study and the practice.
Look at the digital catalog of our Orchestral Backing Tracks.


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